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Metal detector Garrett GTI 2500 Limited edition metal detektor

Metal detector Garrett GTI 2500 Limited edition metal detektor

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The Garrett Graphic Target Imaging (GTI) 2500 is the most innovative Metal Detector on the world market and represents the ideal instrument for research on agricultural land, plowed fields, mountain, dry sand ...
Garrett GTI 2500 has a large multifunctional display LCDretroilluminato display moltoprecisa in the nature of metal detected (by using cursor), greatness and anchela depths at which it is placed. It has 5 distinct programmipre-set (Zero, Coins, Jewelry, Custom, Relics) menùinterno selectable, useful to adapt the instrument to any type of search.
The Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector allows to search in either non-motion motionsia (All Metal).
Furthermore the ground Balancing (GroundBalance) can be carried out either manually or automatically, the button chime to adjust this to any metal detector surface.

Additional equipment:
12.5 "plate concentric PROformance imaging.
Master sound headphones.
Transport bag.

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IdentificazioneObiettivo Segments 24
Iron Discrimination Segments 3
Accept/Reject Discrimination You
How to search 5 (Imaging/Pinpoint)
Sensitivity/RegolazioneProfondità 24
Yes, view edimensioni depth
Frequency 7.2 kHz, adjustable
Tone Audio levels 3
Standard Plate "9.5 PROformance
Length Adjustable, from 101 to 129 cm.
Total Weight 2.1 Kg.
Batteries 8 x AA (included)
Charge indicator You
2 years