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Metal detector Garrett AT pro metal detector for metal detectors p

Metal detector Garrett AT pro metal detector for metal detectors p

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The new Metal Detector Garrett AT PRO INTERNATIONAL is unique in its kind thanks to its exclusive technology, it is able to operate both on land and in water, and can be immersed in a depth of up to three meters.
AT PROINTERNATIONAL is the only one of the Garrett range specially designed and in the best way to carry out research on highly mineralized soils as well as for example panels and battens. Thanks to its new Garrett technology, it stands as the top of the range for the search for coins, finds, jewelery and diorious fragments.
Thanks to the ability to select two different search modes (Standard or Professional) we will get much improved audio signals, which will help you to identify more and more precisely the detected object.

Additional Facilities:

Master Sound Headphones

Plate cover


Polyurethane gloves

Nylon wire glove with black pouch, black pouch, back and elastic wrist sole measure.
• Maximum handling sensitivity.
• Very high comfort

Propointer Garrett "Original"

Supplied with manual in Italian

Target Identification Segments 12 (a notches)
Iron Discrimination Segments 40
Accept/Discard Discrimination Yes
Search Mode 6 (3 Standard/3 PRO Mode)
Sensitivity/AdjustmentProfondità 8
Frequency 15 kHz
Sound tone levels 3
Standard Plate 8.5 "x11" DD Proformance
Length Adjustable, from 106 to 129 cm.
Total weight 1.4 Kg.
Batteries 4 x AA (included)
warranty 2 years