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Gold magnet magnet kit mag for cleaning gold diggers

Gold magnet magnet kit mag for cleaning gold diggers

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Gold magnet kit mag for cleaning gold

Don't be
afraid prospectorsof gold Gold-Mag ishere!

The magnets are ideal for the removal of the Black sand by batee , but there is always the fear of losing the gold in the process.


We that gold is not magnetic ma a magnet powerful can trap Gold in the sand nera while it is excerpt from concentrates. Don't blame the magnet, is the process that needs work. You need a powerful magnet like this, but you also need a process unique and easy fast and complete.

With the Gold-Mag System (watch video) you will see how easy it is to get all the gold and virtually eliminate any doubt about the removal of sand. The process works with wet or dry material.

Object that must not miss such a Gold Digger