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Garrett metal detector ACE EURO 335

Garrett metal detector ACE EURO 335

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Garrett Metal Detector ACE EURO

Garrett Metal Detector ACE EURO is totally versatile and ideal for research of coins and artifacts in mineralized ground or beaches.
QuestoMetal Detector has expanded beyond the features of the ACE 250, famous world wide, a new and more reliable research plate altefrequenze, able to discriminate more precise iron.

No additional equipment

Supplied with instruction manual in Italian

IdentificazioneObiettivo Segments 12
Iron Discrimination Segments 6
Accept/Reject Discrimination Yes
Search mode 5
Sensitivity/RegolazioneProfondità 8
Frequency 8.25 kHz
Tone Audio levels 3
Standard Plate 11 "x 8" PROformance DD
Length Adjustable, from 106 to 129 cm.
Total Weight 1.27 Kg.
Batteries 4 x AA (included)
Warranty 2 years